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The perfect 100 point Restoration of the Legendary Honda CBX

My introduction to the CBX

The late seventies were the dark ages for the automotive industries in my opinion. Gone were the glory days of the muscle cars, and we were TORTURED by the oppressed 55 MPH speed limit. But there was something very exciting happening in the motorcycle industry that only motorcyclists were enjoying. All through the 70s, bikes were getting better, faster, and more interesting each year. It seemed like each month, we looked forward to the latest news read from the pages of all the Moto Magazines and Newspapers. By the late 70s, the performance and excitement was at a feverish pace. The Yamaha XS1100 hit the streets with a force that dethroned the almighty KZ900. Wow, how could bikes get any better, or any faster? (we thought). I had to have one! I loved my XS1100.

I was the cock of the rock! 22 years old, and the fastest thing on the road.

I don’t remember the exact moment that I heard of, or read about the CBX. But I do remember what my first reaction was... Oh My God…..I wonder who I can sell my XS11 too. At 22, and in 1978, $3500.00 was an astronomical amount of money. But I figured with the money I could get for the 11, plus this months rent, and little help by eating “Mickey Ds”, I would have enough to get one of those Candy Glory beauties of my own. By December of 1978, there was somewhat of a price war going on in LA for CBXs. Every day in the LA times, there were a couple of dealers that would publish the prices of there bikes. Pasadena Honda was always the cheapest. They listed the bike at $3299.00 plus tax & license. On December 7, 1978, I honored Pearl Harbor Day by hitching a ride to Pasadena Honda from my neighbor, who by the way I had convinced a couple of days earlier that the XS1100 was the best bike ever made, and how fun it would be for us go riding together. It worked, he bought my 11, and on to Pasadena we went.

I had exactly $3600.00 in my pocket in cold hard cash. When I walked into the showroom, it was 5:00pm, and they closed at 6. I walked over to the line of CBXs. There were 3 silver ones and 4 red ones. I thought, Ok, do I want silver or red? I never even stopped as I past the row of silver bikes on my way to the Candy Glory side of the showroom.

I was scrutinizing the paint of each bike when the sales guy walked up and asked me if I needed any help. I said, yes, can you pull this one out of the line so I can look it over? After looking it over, I looked up at him and said, I’ll take this one. He said, Oh, Ok, I’ll get a credit ap. I said, no that’s ok, “I have cash” That statement, and a beautiful woman saying “OK” are what a 22 year old male lives for. I took flight on my brand new Candy Glory Red CBX at 6:00pm. Wow what a SOUND! I thought. It was the best sound from any bike I had ever ridden. I was in love before I rode it the one mile to the freeway on ramp.

These (fuzzy) pictures were taken the next morning when I rode it to work. My bud at work said, ride it up and back, and I’ll snap a picture. I wish I had him take more! Sorry, bell bottoms were “in” then.”