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Never let go of what lit you up when you were a kid.

My name is Peter Rose
I have been restoring both cars and motorcycles since I was 10 years old. I took my bicycle apart and repainted it when I was 10, then my mini bike after that. At 14, I bought a 57 chevy and restored it, hopped it up and it was ready to roll when I got my license at 16.
From then on, it was one bike after another as well as cars.
These are some of the bikes and cars that I either have owned in the past or do own presently.
The ones that have been restored have been done with no expense spared or considered. My only goal was and is to restore them to as close to showroom condition as possible. I hope that you enjoy these pages and can pick up some tips for your own restorations or just enjoy watching the process. Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments, or if you want to talk about having me restore your bike.
Thank You for interest and support.
Peter Rose

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