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This is a "Pre-Sale" of the newest release exclusivly form of the ACME 1:18 Scale 1969 Z/28 in the very rare Burnished Brown.

These cars have been ordered and are due to arrive in hand by the Fall of 2024.

If you choose to purchase a Pre-Sale, an actual numbered car will be assigned to you and you will receive that particular car.

There will only be 302 cars sold and numbered from 1 thru 302

Each car will come in a colectable box that will also be numbered the same as the car 1 thru 302

Numbered Cars will be assigned in the order of their pre-sales.

You will be emailed with the actual number of car you have been assigned.

Please note that requested numbers 69, 302, 290 will not be assigned until the cars have arrived and are ready to ship out. At that time they will sold at Premium Price.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 415-272-8133

Thank you

Peter Rose

1:18 Scale ACME 1969 Camaro Z/28 in Burnished Brown

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